metal supply

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Aluminum (as of 9/23/2019)


Alloy Steel (as of 6/18/2019)


Brass (as of 2/4/2019)


Copper (as of 9/23/2019)


Carbon Steel (as of 9/23/2019)


Stainless Steel (as of 9/23/2019)


Specialty Metals (as of 6/18/2019)


Tool Steel (as of 9/23/2019)


Plastic (as of 6/18/2019)


Please contact one of our experienced sales staff for discounted pricing.


                                                                   *These lists are only a small portion of the material remnants of processed stock that we have                                                                         in inventory.  If you didn't find what you were looking for, please inquire with us directly.



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